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You NEED Ab Rehab!

"See the results for yourself.  

This photo is me, after my third baby."

-Kelley Suggs,


Lithe Wellness Solutions

 If your little baby love has arrived and you are wanting to get back into shape quickly, or if your little baby love is 18 and you still have trouble, then you need Ab Rehab.  

Traditional abdominal exercises like crunches put too much stress on the post-baby abdominal wall, and they aren't recommended for mama's who are trying to get back into shape (neither is kick boxing or any thing strenuous on the abdominal  wall).  

Ab Rehab is developed by a physical therapist to target the areas that are most weakened by pregnancy, without placing any stress on the back or abdomen. 

It will also help to strengthen your core muscles and take away low back pain and pull your abdominal wall tightly back together, like a corset, providing much needed structure for your organs and waistline. 
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Had a baby?
Had 2, 3 or more babies?
Do you have what seems like "flabby abs?" 
that you just can't get rid of? 
Do your muscles pull apart when you sit up from the floor?
Does your low back hurt?
Are you thinking about a tummy tuck just to feel good in your clothes again?

Already know

That you have Diastisis?

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DVD for just $32!  

You can also check out what Paige had to say about her journey with Ab Rehab on her blog.  Just click here.  
Ab Rehab consists of 5 exercises that take 10 weeks to complete, in about 10 minutes each day.  You move from the very basic and simple to powerful and challenging;  Your progression through the series will surprise you-it is a gentle process that gets fantastic results.

Get a free ab check to see if your body will benefit from the Super Series. 
It is called a diastisis recti check, or an abdominal wall separation check and I do them for for free.  Just click here:

Here is what real mom's have to say: 

Ab Rehab

 "Kelley has been coaching me on how to use Ab Rehab to get my abdominals back in shape after having two babies. I had talked to multiple personal trainers and no one knew what I could be done to get rid of my mom belly. I was told to either live with it or to have surgery. I decided to live with it I then heard about Kelley and decided to meet with her. Within 5 minutes she had given me hope. I have been doing the series a little over 2 weeks and have already lost an inch off of my waist! I cannot wait to see the end result. Not only am I looking better but will have a strong, fit core. I cant say thanks enough!"  

"It is a-mazing!  The results are fantastic!"