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If you answered yes to any of these questions,  you probably have a food intolerance. 

Did you know that a food intolerance can be more than just an inconvenience, a pain or uncomfortable thorn?  A food intolerance is different than a food allergy.  A food allergy is a quick, acute response.  

A food intolerance is a long term build up that presents itself as migraines, skin problems, tummy troubles, ear infections and behavior issues ant home and at school. Down the road, there are long term effects of a food intolerance, like gluten intolerance, that are autoimmune disorders. Alzheimer's, Psoriasis,  Rheumatoid  Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis are  all auto immune disorders.​

​​Now that you know all of that, what is holding you back?  

As a special bonus, you will get 2 Foods that Harm and 2 Foods that Heal, plus an awesome recipe to tie it all together
 (and get that produce used up before it goes bad!).
Do you have a brain fog, frequent headaches or migraines?

Do you have a rash, Psoriasis, eczema or adult acne?

Do you suffer from a lot of indigestion or gas?

Have you been told that your baby needs Eustachian tubes in his or her ears?

Or does baby suffer from a chronic runny nose?

Have you been getting calls home from the teacher, complaining about your student's behavior?

Are you worried about ADD and ADHD?

Is your miracle already  here, now you need some Ab Rehab? 

 If you don't know how to fix the problem or are afraid of the work and the cost, you are not alone.
Let me help. I will make it easy and affordable.
I can even do it without raising your grocery budget.

Sure, you could spend hours and hours and countless more hours researching through mountains of unreliable and conflicting information to find what will help you and your family become healthy.  You could do all of that yourself.  And spend a lot of time taking one step forward and two steps back.  Or you could come to Lithe Wellness Solutions.  A trusted and reliable source of information on holistic nutrition and health education. I will take away the two steps back.  I make it easy, and do it without increasing your grocery budget. 

If you or a loved one has a food intolerance, you don't have time to waste.  You have a busy life that needs to be lived, not suffered through with a brain fog and pain and a growing auto immune disorder.

Start with this guide to picking the perfect produce.  It also has 2 foods that harm and 2 foods that heal, plus a recipe that will tie it all together.  It will get you on the road to making this journey easy.  If you had to pay for it, it would cost about $12.  But for right now, just to make it easy, it's free.  Just enter your name and email in the box on the right.  

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So, Let me Ask You a Question or Two

If you, or your little one has a food intolerance that feels impossible.

Our amazing bodies make room for growing little baby love, but sometimes they need a little help to return to normal...even better than normal.  If you need help pulling your abdominal wall back together, let me help!  Your muscles can be a nice tight corset again, holding in your organs, providing support for your back...and look FANTASTIC.  Click on the photo for more information, or to set up your free abdominal wall separation exam (it takes 5 minutes!).                                                               

3 Tips to Picking the Perfect Produce

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No more headaches, violently puking baby, out of control behavior from your kids and no more  hours of on-your own-research. Get Road Maps to Success and recipes that fit your life, your budget and your tastes. Plus, your very own Grocery Cart Revolution.  Click here to find out more.  Don't waste another minute!

3 Tips to Picking the Perfect Produce

Muscle Testing? 

"Awesome tips that differ from "the usual".  

Tip #3 was a total eye-opener for me that has significantly changed they way I shop for produce!  I was surprised about the foods that heal, that they aren't crazy ingredients (in fact, we love them!), making it really easy to incorporate them into our daily recipes.  And the pizza recipe allows us to feed our kids one of their favorite foods, even on a grain-free diet!  Kelley has created such a wonderful resource, you have to have it!!" 

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Are you sick of Wasting your grocery budget on fruit that goes bad super fast? 

Do you stop yourself from putting veggies in your cart because they will go bad before you can put them in your dinner? ​

Muscle testing is a hands on "technology" that obtains critical information about your body's function from the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Autonomic means the parts and functions of your body that occurs involuntarily, or without you controlling them.  

So for example things like blinking, the beat of your heart, your breathing rates, digesting food and keeping your body temperature stable, immune response, hormone regulation and so on and so forth, are all regulated by the ANS.  

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