Fitting Real Food

Into Real Life Easily & Affordably.

This class is a primer on how your body works, especially your gut. 

We discuss how gut health effects joint health, skin and even mental health and immunity as well as how to rebuild and support it so that it can support YOU. 

You will leave this class with actions steps you can take right now to change the course of your health for a life time.  

This class makes a whole package (and is FREE!) when bundled with What to Eat & Where to Start along with work site Nutrition Response Testing.
with Kelley Suggs, CHES and Carissa Rasmussen of Clean and Lean Fitness and Fox 9 morning news will make you laugh and cry as you use hilarious yet practical benchmarks to determine your physical age and then help you move forward feeling younger and lighter!  This workshop is great for any age, from 29 to 79.  
What we eat everyday effects how we work, think, play, feel and interact with the world.  This thought provoking presentation will have everyone jumping out of their seats to make changes to effect how their body moves, feels and works.  This hour long, revolutionary talk covers food additives like BHA, BHT and dyes and colors. 

Recapturing Your Youth

Food for Fodder.

Bring energy, mental clarity and focus back to the work place!
Decrease absenteeism, decrease presenteeism (day dreaming on the job and loss of focus) and create happier, healthier employees!

What People Are Saying:  

Extremely good information, Thank you!
I loved this presentation.

Great help! I would like to hear more from her!

Very helpful. Have her again.

She is great!

Lots of info in a short time!

Very knowledgeable on material. Fun to listen to.

Superb! Thank You!!!

I’m very interested in health and have a lot of knowledge. I love that I learned something new. Well Done.  Thank you!

Excellent presenter with topic that is essential for healthy living.

Health workshop – She was excellent!!! Very knowledgeable.

The 5 Things You  Need to Know to Survive and Thrive in the Grocery Store.

Great Guts: 3 Keys to Healing it!

This class will change the way you think about food, the grocery store and how you use it.  Based on Weston Price nutrition, we
cover the REAL story of organic versus conventional produce and products, fat intake, soy, and whole grains. 

After this class, everyone in your workplace will be able to take several steps toward a body that is athletically thin, easily flexible and strong. 

LWS Corporate Wellness