A Technical Definition and a Real World Definition for muscle testing.


 You wil recieve a link to my calender so you can choose your appointment time and get started right away.
You will want to bring a notebook (or a friend) with you.  There will be a lot of information in your first appointment. 

The initial test is $95. 

Follow up visits are just $55.

I am so excited to work with you!


  All of that adds up to this:
  • Not only will I give you a list of fertility foods, but can serve you in helping to relieve the challenges of getting pregnant.  
  • Not only can I help your little one lose the runny nose by changing his diet, we can find out why his nose is running in the first place.  There are no Band Aid solutions here.  We find the root cause of the problem and the real solution. 
  • If you wonder why you are sick, wonder why you are hurting are trying to avoid medications and pain and lay awake at night thinking about these things, Nutrition Response Testing is the answer for you!​ 

The Technical Definition:

 "I am not on a DIET!!  I saw Kelley guest speak at an event.  In a short time I could tell she is passionate about nutrition and teaching others about it.  I was able to get a small taste of the Nutrition Response Test and I knew I wanted to know more!  I wanted to know more about how my body would react to other foods.   My testing opened my eyes to so many issues I had with food.  I used to use food as a comforter; when I was sad, happy, excited or celebrating I used food as a reward or a pick me up.  My poor body had paid the penalty for all of those years of destruction and celebrating and was rebelling against itself and I was exhausted.  Happily I learned how powerful food can be and how healing it can be.  I have “geeked out” and try to learn all I can from Kelley.  I have so much more to learn but after a short time I have seen remarkable differences; I lost 10 lbs in 7 weeks, my adult acne is gone, I have more energy, and I am no longer under the control of my food.  I control my food.  I look forward to discussing all aspects with Kelley.   I am very glad I met Kelley and I am grateful for her knowledge."  


"Thank you for recommending the testing  for me.  I have followed your treatment and with out being hungry - I have more energy, my skin looks better and I have lost 16 lbs in 8 weeks."  


"We have seen an amazing personality difference in our two year old. She has blossomed!"

I have been chronically ill on and off for the past 8 years. I have fibromyalgia, severe allergies, osteoarthritis and other debilitating autoimmune conditions.  In late April of this year my symptoms became much worse and new symptoms appeared. May through September I was very ill. I suffered daily with severe hives over my entire body, as well as swelling of my legs, hands, face, throat and GI tract. The swelling sent me to the emergency room struggling to breathe on several occasions, I had severe pain throughout my body, at times I had trouble walking or even turning over in bed. I also had abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. I was referred to Kelley by a friend and first went to see her in early September. By mid-September I started feeling better. I used to have about 1 good day to10 bad days. Because of Kelley's knowledge and wellness plan for me, I am happy to say that those numbers have changed and my bad days are happening much less frequently. I would highly recommend her services.


​Quick shout out to a God-send: Kelley Suggs. Our entire family went to see her last September. We spent October diligently healing our guts through her suggestions. Not a single one of us was affected by illness this winter!! (Thank you, Lord!) We barely had a runny nose. We have 2 adults and 4 children (10, 8, 6, 5). We even shared and served meals to people with severe colds and flu's at least a half dozen times. I am not trying to boast. I'm just so thankful for the fabulous health we've had over the last year. Kelley was a HUGE part of it. She is a nutritionist in Buffalo, MN. We drove over an hour to see her for 2 appointments for each of us. It was a haul, but so worth it! (She did not ask me to post this. She's just too good of a secret tool in our tool belt of health that I had to share.) Thanks, Kelley!

-Kate W.

What clients are saying about working with Kelley through holistic health coaching and muscle testing:

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Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a hands on "technology" that obtains critical information about your body's function from the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Autonomic means the parts and functions of your body that occurs involuntarily, or without you controlling them.  So for example things like blinking, the beat of your heart, your breathing rates, digesting food and keeping your body temperature stable, immune response, hormone regulation and so on and so forth, are all regulated by the ANS.  

If we dig a little bit deeper into these involuntary actions, we find there are two controls:

        1. Sympathetic
        2. Parasympathetic

Think of them as our body's accelerator (sympathetic control) and brake (parasympathetic control) - our "go" pedal and "whoa" pedal. When our bodies are healthy and in balance, these systems function properly and are in tune with one another; the sympathetic dominates when we are active, the parasympathetic when we are resting.

Together, they are responsible for healthy functioning, including our ability to heal.  When there is an imbalance between the two, we can find a blockage or interference that leads us to experience things like allergies and food intolerance, acid reflux, high blood pressure, chronic pain, the inability to hold a chiropractic adjustment, the inability to heal, and on and on. These kind of symptoms are kind of  "check engine lights" or "alarm bells."  Working with this system we can check for immune challenges, pathogens food intolerance, scars and chemicals. I can test you (or your little one!) for all of this with NO NEEDLES and NO SCRATCHES!  

I can check to see why you aren't healing or why your little one’s behavior isn't what it should be, or why you feel good for an hour after you see the chiropractor, but need another treatment shortly after that.  And, I can still help you find and change your diet to fix all of that.