Download the book and start making the most of your grocery budget now.

Need a little help making the most of your grocery budget?

Fitting Real Food

Into Real Life Easily & Affordably.

If you use WIC vouchers or have a just plain teeny grocery budget, this is the book for you. Let a traditional nutrition expert (who has used food stamps, WIC and even less)  show you exactly how to do it.

Recipes are included!

Got a household full of sick people?  Or just want to prevent more illness?

Create an immune system of steel with this Chicken Soup Recipe!

Recover faster without the preservatives and food dye in Pedialyte and Gatorade!

Need some help to revolutionize the way you grocery shop?

Check out this segment, and then let me know how I can help you! 

"This can be so overwhelming! To make it easier for you…..the real turning point came about for my son, and my own sanity, was when I met with Kelley from Lithe Wellness Solutions.  She helped me meal plan, grocery shop, create recipes, pick out ‘snacks’ that William can eat and I can feel good about, taught me how to make bone broth, kombucha, and really brought us to the next level of wellness for our family.   She has two little boys herself, so she knows how hard it is to get them to eat.  She works with the needs of your whole family, focused around your family getting well."