Do you have candida?  

If you just recieved your list of Foods to Avoid on the Candida Cleanse, and you are a little overwhelmed, this will help. 

​The Candida Cleanse Month One Meal Help

This document contains almost 30 pages of ideas to help you through the toughest first month of the candida cleanse.  There are breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, along with 18 recipes to help ease you through without feeling hungry.  

For just  $15 you can alleviate all of your worry and frustration.  Click here to download your document.  

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A note from the author:  

"Your busy?  I know, me too, and we are all busy in different ways.  I am a wife, mom, author and business owner; my family is young so we are grain free and three of us are gluten free.  So, before my last baby was born, I started to pull together recipes that are quick, that are nutritious, and that I could feed my family without any guilt while we adjusted to being a family of five.  After the baby was born, I had more and more clients tell me they couldn't or just wouldn't spend very much time in the kitchen.  They told me it was impossible to eat real food with the amount of time they have. Knowing what I know, I took that as a personal challenge and the result is 31 Real Food Recipes, most of which you could make for dinner tonight.  Grain free, gluten free, nutritious and full of flavor.  Now when you get that what's for dinner worry, you can think: Mission Accomplished!  I've got 31 fast, real food recipes I can make!"

-Kelley Suggs, CHES and busy mom

Because dinner doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be fast. 

A Guide to Fitting Real Food into Real Life....
Faster than You Ever Thought Possible. 

Enjoy recipes like:

A chapter devoted to finding the most nutrient dense food available. For just $15!

Balsamic Roast and Winter Veggies (prepared in 15 minutes) 
Cinci Chili (prepared in 25 minutes) 
Cowboy Dinner (prepared in 25 minutes)
Green Pepper Flash in the Pan (prepared in 10 minutes)  and more delicious, nutrient dense real food in 30 minutes of prep time or less!

Fitting Real Food

Into Real Life Easily & Affordably.


Never feel guilty about eating fast food again,

 when you get it from this cook book!
Learn how to find and serve the most nutrient dense foods to your family in simple,
quick ways with 30 minutes of preparation or less.

Master simple “cheater” tricks with additional recipes that help create tasty food in a flash with an entire chapter devoted just to "Cheaters".