Flu & First Aid
Naturally & at Home


It is THE question that every parent asks: “Should we go in?”

This class will give you the knowledge, information and confidence to make an informed decision to that age old question.  You will feel confident knowing if you should indeed go in or if you can treat it at home and how exactly to do that

Once you decide to stay home, you will need to know how to treat at home.  Heather Martin, 20 year veteran of the nursing field and Kelley Suggs, Natural Health Practitioner at Lithe Wellness Solutions, will help you treat your family at home.  You will learn the signs and symptoms that you should load up in the car, headed for help and you will learn practical, every day solutions like when to use butterfly bandages, herbs, homepathics and salves.  Many of the supplies discussed in class will be available for purchase, and everyone who attends will receive a copy of the supply list for a non-conventional first aid kit and all of the recipes discussed in class (including the Flu and other common viruses).

Topics Covered:

Treating the flu and seasonal illnesses at home,
Fevers, body aches and chills,

vomiting and diarrhea,
Head injuries,
Broken bones,
Cuts and burns.

When:  November 10th at 7 pm


Class will be held at Lithe Wellness Solutions in Clearwater, MN.

I have worked with Kelley in the past and I am ready to

learn to muscle test myself!  Let's do this!  $215

Fitting Real Food

Into Real Life Easily & Affordably.

Parasites:  Prevention & Treatment

Terrified of parasites?  Parasites are the number one most immune suppressive agent on the planet.  Humans are susceptible to 130 different kinds of parasites and we are constantly exposed to them.  Learn how to prevent them, how to treat them and how to get rid of them!  

Download this class and start preventing and treating parasites now!

Class is $5 and includes a $5 off coupoon for Fermentation Friday: Expert Status

Flu and First Aid


You have met with Kelley. You have done the work. You are ready to go out into the world and be as healthy as possible! Except for one thing: the world is full of choices!

How will you know what will ACTUALLY keep you healthy?
Listen in to this 45 minute workshop on food as medicine.  It will leave you feeling empowered to be your own expert and make your own choices for the body that you know the best:  Yours!

Workshop, handouts and bonus materials are just $15.

Workshops and Classes

Have you ever wondered what food is right for you, right now?  Or if you can eat this or that?  If you can splurge just this one time??
What about when you walk down the supplement aisle?  How do you know which one to pick?    Which one do you need???

Muscle Testing Yourself Workshop

Stop tooth pain and decay in its tracks!  Learn the REAL story behind how cavities develop, HOW TO STOP THEM, and how to heal existing cavities!

Did you know that teeth are not supposed to crumble with age? Did you know teeth are not designed to have cavities? 

Learn a few changes that you can make to create a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

The Healthy Mouth Workshop is on Monday, October 5th, 7:00 pm $27

Listen to the recorded class right now (or at your convenience $10 

Get started healing your mouth NOW!

​This is no longer a tele-workshop with PowerPoint slides!
You can download the class and watch the hour long video whenever it is convient for you!

Next Steps:

Food As Medicine

Want a perfect check up next time you go to the dentist?

Start Here: The Healthy Mouth Workshop

Fermentation 101

Join Kelley Suggs and Lithe Wellness Solutions for an edible tutorial through the worlds finest food as medicine!

Learn how to safely make your own probiotic and enzyme rich fermented kombucha, yogurt and veggies. 

This class will save you time, money and help you to better digest your food! 

Make your tummy happy and learn to 3 basic steps to get started in your own kitchen.

After class you will be able to create your own kombucha, kraut, veggies and yogurt,
know what cultures to use and when and get a dose of gut healing probiotics and a

powerhouse of digestive enzymes with every meal.

Class is Friday, October 20th at 7pm.

Class is $36.




How to muscle test yourself
When to muscle test yourself
When NOT to muscle test yourself
WHY to muscle test yourself, your kids and your spouse
Lots of practice, with an experienced practioner and teacher(Kelley Suggs)

Requirements:  You must be go through one initial visit and one follow up visit with Kelley to determine if you have parasites, candida or fungal infections before attending the Muscle Testing Yourself Workshop.  If you have any of these issues, learning to test yourself will be VERY frustrating and feel counterproductive.  These two visits MUST be completed before class.

Class will include a delicious lunch, that you will be encouraged to play with. 

You will have so much fun on your next trip to the grocery store!! Your healing journey will also accelerate and you will save a lot of time and money. 

                                                                          Saturday, June 8th, 2024

10am-2 pm


                                                 Class location is at Lithe Wellness Solutions in Clearwater, MN

Two Ways to Register:

If you need to have an initial visit and

one follow up with Kelley to make sure are free of

parasites, candida and fungal infections.  

Email Kelley at Suggskel@gmail.com to sign up or ask questions.  

 All Sales are Final

Our bodies are constantly changing based on what we put into them, what we are exposed to and the healing that is in progress. Learn how to ask your body these questions and learn how to get the CORRECT answer every single time you ask.  This workshop is important whether you are raising a family, on a healing journey or just want to know what is best for your body at any given moment. This workshop will quickly save you a lot of time and money!


Due to the nature of the class and the one on one instruction, class space is very limited.  Make sure to register early. 

Broken Bones



What you will learn: